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2X strength compared to alcohol-based-perfumes | Smells great | Easy application
Available in: 10 ml

Rs. 990 Rs. 1,200 (inclusive of taxes)

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Aarvee Enterprises- D 222/39 TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Shirvane Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706 Maharashtra, India Mfc Lic no- MH/104535

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3.6 x 5 x 15.7 cm

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Indulge in a mesmerizing roll-on fragrance that mirrors the passion of the tango. The perfect blend of spicy and woody notes creates a captivating allure, igniting your senses with every application. Unleash your inner fire and embrace the thrilling essence with each roll.

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Top Notes

Citrus, Bergamot & Lemon

Heart Notes

Watery, Melon & Spicy

Base Notes

Amber and Woody

Ingredients : Caprylic/CapricTriglyceride, Perfume, Natural MixedTocopherol, Tinogard TT

Step 1: Apply a small amount of roll-on perfume oil to pulse points for a fabulous scent.

Step 2: Massage gently, allowing the fragrance to bloom.

Step 3: Enjoy the lingering symphony of Citrus, Wood, and Spice on your skin.

Customer Reviews

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This one is going in my favourites!! Great Citrus Perfume Oil! Plus it is just perfect for every place- whether office or any function.

must say nice perfume oil

It has become my favourite lemon perfume oil! Such a nice smell and feels great!

Best Perfume Oil

I got this perfume for my best friend but the lemon perfum oil smells so good, I have keep it for myself!

lemon perfume oil review

This lemon perfume oil feels rich and warm! My new favourite for cosy evenings. Plus it's travel friendly.

Frequently asked Questions

Can both men and women wear this perfume oil?
Yes. Our Thrilling Tango is a unisex perfume oil that can be used by both men and women.
How long does the scent of this perfume oil last?
This is a long-lasting lemon fragrance perfume oil that shall envelop you in its fresh aroma for an extended time.
Can citrus perfume oil be layered with other fragrances?
Yes. You can layer our Bergamot perfume oil with any fragrance of your choice to create a unique scent.
Is Fab Oils perfume alcohol-free?
Yes. This is an alcohol-free woody notes perfume oil that works well with all skin types. Having said that, a patch test is always recommended to look for signs of skin itching or irritation.

Revel In The Refreshing Scent Of Citrus Lemon, Bergamot, Vanilla, & Amber With Thrilling Tango

Have you ever crossed someone on the street or at work and their fragrance has left you spellbound? If yes, you already know the power of smelling good. A good fragrance doesn't just help you make a good impression but also elevates your mood and boosts your confidence! 

Indulge in the fragrant bliss of the Fab Oils’ Thrilling Tango perfume oil with its enchanting citrusy fragrance mingled with fruity vanilla, bergamot and amber creating an uplifting aroma that will captivate your senses and compliment your personality. Let it embrace you in its lingering freshness and elevate your day!

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Why Should You Choose Fab Oils?

Long-Lasting Fragrance

If you are looking for a unisex perfume that is long-lasting and travel-friendly, Say hello to Thrilling Tango, a unisex perfume oil that lingers throughout the day keeping you refreshed for longer than an alcohol-based perfume spray with its 2x more strength. Our travel-friendly roll-on perfume ensures you can carry it easily and enjoy its captivating scent wherever you go!

Enticing Notes

The enriching aroma of this alcohol-free woody perfume oil embodies the freshness and vigor of a happy morning. The burst of citrus, lemon, and bergamot top notes, capture the invigorating essence of sunrise that will give a zesty kick start to your day. As the scent of this Amber fragrance perfume oil evolves, you shall experience watery, melon, and spicy undertones that personify the tranquillity of a soothing breeze. Apart from that, our vegan perfume oil also exudes warm and woody notes of comforting amber that smell and feel like the colors of dawn. Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Woody Perfume Oil With Amber Notes and make your mornings smell amazing!


Fab Oils is your go-to destination for vegan perfume oils that are made using alcohol-free formulations that are skin-friendly and have a long-lasting fragrance. Our perfume oils are inclusive and perfect for everyone. Hence, you can opt for them for personal use or gifting. With our commitment to cruelty-free, vegan, and 95% natural formulations, you can experience a bespoke and luxurious self-care experience where quality intermingles with conscience in every product.

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