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Exclusive Travel Size Skin & Hair Care Kit Online

Gifting is a beautiful way to express your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. Thoughtful gifting doesn’t just elevate the charm of celebrations and festivities but it also brings gorgeous smiles to your loved ones’ faces. 

Our mini skin and hair care kits are the perfect gifts for your friends and family, as they will enable them to engage in skin pampering and rejuvenate themselves. Furthermore, our vegan Fab Oils are crafted from 95 percent natural ingredients and they are absolutely cruelty free. With Christmas around the corner, if you are looking for some amazing Secret Santa gifts for your friends and family, we suggest you read along. 

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Shop Now from a Fabulous range of Fab Oils Mini Skincare Gift Sets

If you are looking for luxury skincare kits for women who need a quick fix for their skin & hair care needs while on the go, our travel packs are going to greatly appeal to you:

On-And-Out Nourish & Treat Mini Trio

Looking for a travel skincare pack that can easily fit into your bag or travel pouch? Say hello to our on-and-out nourish and treat mini trio. The travel-friendly packings of our facial radiance oil, cellulite melt oil and scalp revive oil will let your skin catch up on its nourishment on-the-go.

Go-For-Glow Hydrate & Nourish Mini Trio

If you have an aversion to the drab and tired look on your face that you get after long hours of travel, this mini beauty care hamper will be ideal for personal use or gifting. Our go-for-glow hydrate & nourish mini trio has three minis; the Facial Radiance Oil, Scalp Revive Oil and Skin Quench Body Oil will make your hair shine and skin glow like the absolute star that you truly are. Furthermore, if you want to be the secret Santa to your loved ones, this is one of the best gifts that you can get under Rs 1000. 

Simply Soothe Hydrate & Chill Mini Trio

This travel skincare pack will become an indispensable part of your travel pouch . Our simply soothe, hydrate & chill mini trio has everything you need to take proper care of your skin and hair. The mini packs of Facial Radiance Oil, Scalp Revive Oil, and Body Massage Oil will help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy. This is also an amazing option while looking for Secret Santa gifts under Rs 1000. 

Why Choose Fab Oils?

Fab Oils is anchored to the idea of creating prodigious formulations from 95% natural ingredients. All our oils are lightweight, fast-absorbing and clinically tested to endow you with the best care for your face, hair and body. In addition to the above mentioned travel skincare kits, you can also check out our range of regular-sized fast absorbing luxury oils such as facial radiance oil, body massage oils, or scalp revive oil and choose fabulous oils that can truly transform your skincare and hair care routine.

This Mother's Day, give the gift of beauty on the go with our travel-size skin and hair care kit. It is perfect for moms who love to explore, our kit is the best Mother’s Day gift that provides all the essentials she needs to stay hydrated and refreshed no matter where she is traveling.