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Filters are fun but good skin is better! Discover our research-backed, transparent and natural face care oil that targets individual skin concerns and replenishes the glow within.

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Dive into a world of 95% natural, lightweight oils that nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin and hair. Our scalp oil, body oils, and face oils online are clinically tested for efficacy, and dermat-certified too! Our commitment to excellence ensures that you experience the finest quality of oils, complemented by fabulous fragrances. 

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About the Fab Oils Facial Radiance Face Oil

The Fab Oils Facial Radiance Face Oil for healthy skin is loaded with potent actives such as pomegranate and licorice, in the recommended proportions for efficacy. These not only help to get glowing skin, but also fight signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation. Moreover, because of the lightweight solution, we offer ideal face oil for dry skin and oily skin.

Our facial oil is extremely lightweight and gets absorbed in just 10 seconds. This fast-absorbing face oil for acne-prone skin comes along with the roller applicator making it easy and hassle-free to include in your daily skincare routine. With a gentle citrusy aroma, this clinically tested natural face care oil is all you need to slay at your best!

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Why choose Fab Oils?

At Fab Oils we take pride in saying that we love your skin and hair as much as you do. Fab Oils is born from a desire to reimagine an age-old beauty favourite - oils. Our team has spent years researching and developing natural oils including facial massage oil, body massage oil, cellulite melt body oil, scalp revive scalp oil, and more such products that blend efficacious natural ingredients, lightweight sheer oils and soothing aromas. Each drop of oil is carefully curated so that it goes deep inside the skin, absorbs in just 10 seconds and delivers deep nourishment. With a 95% natural formula, all of our products including lightweight face oil and others are clinically tested to be safe on your skin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on lightweight face oils

How do you use natural face oil for glowing skin?

Applying natural face care oil comes easy with just 3 simple steps.
  • Cleanse your skin
  • Apply face massage oil using a roller applicator.
  • Massage in an outward upwards direction for a few seconds.

When should we apply vegan face oils?

The best time to apply facial oil is in the morning before donning your makeup. This non greasy face oil gives a perfect base for glowy dewy skin post-makeup. The lightweight face oils can also be used in place of a moisturiser. For best results, use the facial oil in your AM as well as PM skincare routine.

Are face oils suitable for people with oily skin?

This pomegranate natural face oil will work best for dry & combination skin types - but if you have dull & oily skin; don't worry - this non-comedogenic vegan face oil will suit you just fine too! Do a patch test first if you're worried. Curious to know more about the transformative power of the Radiance Face Massage Oil? Read our blog for in-depth information on Licorice extract for skin - What is it, benefits & how to incorporate in your routine (blog to be interlinked)