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Increased skin hydration in 100% users | Reduces dryness | Softens skin texture
Available in: 100 ml

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Aarvee Enterprises- D 222/39 TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Shirvane Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706 Maharashtra, India Mfc Lic no- MH/104535

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8.5 x 5 x 19 cm

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A Body Oil that'll deliver soft, bouncy, dewy skin 🪶

Let this light, soft, silky blend wash over your skin; absorb deep within & give your skin the TLC it loves & needs. This body oil is formulated to feel extra light on your skin; but offers deep moisturization and soothing. Transfer proof & all-season friendly - this is the supercharged clinically tested 95% natural moisturizer you want. This goodness in a bottle will be your skin's new best friend.

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Reduces dryness & stretch

Intense hydration

Transfer-proof formula

Long lasting moisture

Smoother skin

Fab Inside Out

Prickly Pear Flower

Aids in nourish, repair & soothe skin

Green tea

Protects against ageing & environmental factors


Fresh grassy, leafy fragrance, with a sweet fruity mid-note

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated coconut oil), Isopropyl Myristate, , Helianthus annuus (Sunflower ) seed Oil , Arachis hypogaea seed oil , Camellia sinensis(Green Tea) Extract Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil (and) Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Prickly pear)Flower Extract, Camelina Sativa( gold of pleasure) Seed Oil, Perfume, Natural Mixed Tocopherol, Tinogard TT

Step 1: After your shower, pat skin dry & pump the required amount of oil and apply it all over your body - since the oil is fast-absorbing, 'less is more', a couple of pumps is enough

Step 2: Gently massage for a few seconds

Step 3: For best results, use twice a day & feel the bounce

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love this!

It feels superlight on the skin. My skin is feeling hydrated like never before.


This oil has made the skin around my knee and elbow seem more alive. Now I can flaunt all of my short dresses confidently.

Amazing skin hydration body oil

This skin hydration body oil is amazing on my dry skin. It absorbs quickly and keeps the skin nourished whole day

Priya Bose
Skin quenching oil

The best solution for dry skin. This oil is fast absorbing and smells great!

Chitra Khandekar
Skin quench

Easily absorbed in skin. Pleasant feeling after use.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I apply this body oil on my face as well?
The skin on your face is more delicate as compared to the skin on other parts of your body and so Skin Quench Body Oil may not be an ideal choice for using on the face. Check out the Facial Radiance oil instead.
Does this lightweight oil work for all skin types?
No matter what your skin type, our range of body oils is made for everyone and is most definitely suitable for all skin types.
Should I apply this body oil on dry or damp skin?
Skin quench hydrating body oil is meant to be moisturizing & soothing so it'll work well either way - but we recommend dry skin for the best results!
Should the skin quenching oil be applied before, after or along with moisturizer?
You can use this lightweight, glow-inducing body oil as part of your daily body care rituals, in place of a moisturizer.
Can the skin quenching oil be used in the summer?
Our oils are fast absorbing (gone in 10 seconds, we promise!) and do not leave behind a sticky feeling. They are the perfect moisturizing addition to your summer routine too.
What oils do you use in the blend?
The Skin Quench body oil is a playful blend of fractionated coconut oil and sunflower oil along with active ingredients like Prickly Pear Flower and Green tea at their recommended dosage. For more details, check out the detailed ingredient list above!

No more dealing with dry and dull skin with our moisturising and soothing Quench oil. Complemented by enchanting leafy fragrances of green grass and a sweet fruity mid-note, the transfer-proof body oil deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin while combating dryness. Clinically tested and dermat-certified, the lightweight body oil provides smoother skin and gets absorbed in just 10 seconds. 

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About Fab Oils Skin-Quench Oil Online

Fab Oils Skin-Quench Oil online is all you need to pamper your skin and get that bouncy, soft and dewy skin you always desired. Offering deep moisturisation and nourishment, the oil is all-season friendly and is clinically tested to be safe on all skin types. 

Formulated with active ingredients such as green tea, prickly pear flower, camelina sativa seed oil and rapeseed oil, our light body oil for summer keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple. The potent combination of Prickly Pear, Camelina Oil and Rapeseed oil with their balanced concentration of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and fatty acids helps in soothing the skin by nourishing, repairing and providing long-lasting moisturisation. Additionally, the rich antioxidant and flavonoid profile of Green Tea Extracts protects skin from UV and environmental damage while preventing early signs of ageing.

These ingredients are richly blended in sunflower and arachis oil which helps your skin look young and fresh with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Being highly concentrated in natural bioactive molecules, the green tea massage oil is absolutely safe for pregnant women.

You can also check out our Anti-cellulite body oil, which quickly absorbs into the skin and helps in cellulite reduction.

Why Choose Fab Oils?

Fab Oils brings you the Next Gen Oils that nourish, rejuvenate and soothe your skin. We are a brand born from a desire to re-imagine an age-old fabulous favourite - oils. Loaded with actives and clinically tested, our lightweight oils get absorbed in the skin easily within 10 seconds and are made with a 95% natural formula. 

Each drop is a careful curation designed to deliver nourishment deep within, with delicate fragrances. All our products promise to love your skin and hair just as you do!