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For your first home-Your Body! Naturally handcrafted range of research-backed and cruelty free body care oils that not only pamper but nourish and restore your skin. Each oil carries a unique, natural fragrance that soothes your mind and body, whilst also leaving a freshness behind.

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Body Oil

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Discover The Bliss Of Body Massage Oils

Your mundane day-to-day activities can make you feel like living in a rut if you don’t undertake a categorical effort to indulge in self-care and pampering. More than an opportunity to unwind, self-care can be a great opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself and actualize your true potential by endowing your soul with serenity. 

For all those who wish to indulge themselves in a quaint feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation, you have landed at just the right place!

Our body massage oils will afford you the luxury of a tranquil getaway right in the comfort of your home. 

Our clinically tested body polishing oil and natural massage oils will soothe your body, uplift your spirit and guide your senses through a journey of total calm. These nourishing body oils have an enriching and mellow aroma that will embrace your body with the perfect blend of healing aromas.

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Fab Oils Range Of Hydrating Body Oils Online

No matter if you like to get your massage done by a professional masseuse or prefer your own home for the same, our non sticky massage oils are going to be perfect for you.


This fast-absorbing body massage oil for women and men will be an appropriate product for you if you hanker for wholesome nourishment for your skin. This body massage oil has the excellent healing properties of blue lotus and ting flowers. From massage therapy to a dedicated practice for relaxation and stress relief, this natural body oil is going to become your best companion during self-care rituals.


This natural body oil for men and women can be a good pick for their self-care routine if they wish to target their body fat and make their skin look more toned and sculpted. This advantage can be linked to the wondrous blend of ingredients such as red chilli peppers and Centella Asiatica leaves. 

Capsaicin works wonders to enhance & stimulate blood flow and even reverse signs of skin damage. The other primary ingredient in this nourishing anti-cellulite body oil is Centella Asiatica Leaves, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can leave your skin feeling adequately nourished. (1)

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If you ever feel that your body is hankering for some extra attention in terms of nourishment and care, this product will speak directly to you. This hydrating skin-quenching body oil is a gender-neutral product and it will provide holistic nourishment and a plethora of other benefits to your skin. The impressive combination of prickly pear flower and green tea in our natural massage oil is as good as it gets!

How To Use Natural Body Oils For Maximum Benefit

In order to maximise the benefit derived from hydrating body oils, you can adhere to the following pointers:

Choose An Appropriate Oil

It is advisable to always check out the ingredients and look for a nourishing body oil that resonates with your skin type and texture.

Set Up A Peaceful Space 

To enjoy your body massage nicely, you can create a nice ambience by lighting a few scented candles and putting on some nice music or soothing chants. The idea is to create a conducive space for you to unwind and relax.

Warm Up The Oil

You can warm up the body polishing oil just a little bit before application. In fact, you can even take some natural massage oil or ask the masseuse to take some oil and rub it between his/her palms to warm it up.

Opt for Gentle Or Intense Massage As Per Your Preference

There are many massage techniques and you can opt for the one that suits you. Begin with gentle strokes and delicate kneading of the skin. You can go for long and circular hand movements with varying levels of pressure depending upon your choice.


All our body oils are fast absorbing i.e. they absorb in 10 seconds and hence you won’t have to worry about feeling all sticky. However, it is advisable to let your skin relax after the massage so that you can allow the oil to get properly seeped into your skin. 

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Check Face & Scalp Oil Online at Fab Oils

In addition to natural body oils, we also have a dazzling range of face oils online and scalp massage oils online such as

Facial Radiance

The lightweight and fast-absorbing formulation makes this face oil online, one of the most prized additions to your skincare routine. Enriched with the goodness of pomegranate and licorice, this face radiance oil will make you dwell in the ‘golden hour’ glow, all day long!

Scalp Revive 

When we talk about self-care, we cannot discount the importance of focusing on our tresses! After all, hair is the crowning glory of a woman. If you are looking for a good scalp massage oil online, our Scalp Revive hair oil could be an ideal incorporation into your hair care routine. The goodness of basil and bamboo makes this transfer-proof and fast-absorbing oil a powerhouse of nutrients for healthy hair.

Why Choose Fab Oils?

Fab Oils prides itself on its vision to provide the most relaxing experience to our customers by virtue of our fast absorbing oils. Each oil has been scientifically formulated with vegan ingredients and presented to you with a lot of love. Each product is bereft of toxic additives or harmful chemicals. In fact, even the packaging is recyclable. No matter if you are looking for body oil for glowing skin, or scalp oil to augment your hair health, we have got you covered!

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How long does massage oil last?

The shelf life of massage oils depends upon their formulation and ingredients. You should check out the label to know the exact duration of the pike’s shelf life.

What are the advantages of body massage oils?

By massaging your body with nourishing body oils, you can hydrate your skin and make it soft, supple and nourished. Moreover, the therapeutic and healing properties of massage oils are also noteworthy.

Can you use massage oil every day?

You can use massage oils every day but it is advisable to use them twice or thrice a week for best results.

What is the best time for a body oil massage?

The best time for a body oil massage is prior to your bath time. You can massage your skin with the oil of your choice and relax for some time before taking a bath.

Can you use body massage oils in summer?

Yes. Fab Oils body massage oils are lightweight and non-sticky, so they will perfectly suit you in summer.