June 11, 2024

The ULTIMATE guide to body oiling - benefits & techniques

Body oiling isn't just an ancient Ayurvedic tradition; it's a timeless practice celebrated in many traditions and is a part of many festivities! Why shouldn't it be? The art of body oiling is said to nourish and moisturize the skin, it is a technique revered for centuries in Ayurveda for its calming effects on our bodies. 

If you're curious about the benefits of body oiling, you are at the right place! Let’s start by understanding

What are body oils?

Body oils are oils infused with power-packed natural ingredients that have been used for ages as the main source of skin nourishment. Body oiling offers a comprehensive approach to skincare that not only moisturises but also encourages relaxation, enhances the natural glow, and improves skin texture.

 In contrast to skincare products that are loaded with harmful chemicals and artificial colours and fragrances, body oils are infused with natural ingredients such as green tea, prickly pear flower, capsaicin, centella, etc, that benefit your body without causing any harm. 

What are the benefits of body oiling?

Using body oils has many benefits some of which have been elaborated on here for you: 

  • Deeply hydrates and moisturises the skin
  • One of the most important benefits of oiling the body daily is, that it helps in hydrating the skin and keeps the dryness and dullness at bay through intense moisturisation. Deep hydration is offered by skin-quenching body oils infused with the richness of natural ingredients.

    A skin-quenching body oil from Fab Oils - The Skin Quench Body Oil, has an innovative blend of powerful ingredients such as green tea which has antioxidant properties, prickly pear flower which has dermatologically protective and repairing properties, rapeseed oil and camelina both of which have balanced concentrations of omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and fatty acids which together helps in rejuvenating the dull and dry skin. 

    The fast-absorbing formula of this body oil feels lightweight on the skin and gives you skin that radiates a healthy glow.

  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • With ageing it is common to witness wrinkles and fine lines on various parts of the body. These are majorly a result of the skin's natural tendency to lose suppleness. Regular body oiling helps prevent these early signs of ageing by encouraging the formation of collagen and preserving the skin's suppleness. 

  • Reduces visibility of stretch marks and scars
  • Body oiling can help, smoothen out rough skin texture and uneven skin tone. An even skin tone and smoother texture can be facilitated by the gentle massage of body oils on a regular basis. Because the oils promote skin cell turnover and improve blood circulation, you can see a gradual improvement in the visibility of scars, stretch marks, and blemishes.

    The Cellulite Melt Body Oil from Fab Oils is enriched with the power of capsaicin and centella that helps you combat cellulite and gives you toned, sculpted and smooth skin. The anti-cellulite action of this body oil leaves you feeling oh-so-fab every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Improves sleep quality and reduces stress
  • In addition to its health advantages, body oiling has a substantial benefit in improving sleep quality which then helps reduce stress and anxiety. By massaging body oil you can help your nerves calm down and ease your stress. The calming aroma of essential ingredients found in body oils, further enhances the relaxing experience, making it a wonderful complement to your self-care routine.

    If you are looking for a relaxing and soothing body oil then try out Fab Oils’ fast-absorbing Body Massage Oil that helps boost the skin’s biomechanical function, provides firmness and makes skin soft and supple. Enriched with rich ingredients like the blue lotus flower and tingflower, the hydrating formula of the body massage oil provides deep relaxation and a spa-like feeling at home. The extra light and non-sticky texture of the oil is makes it a perfect addition to your weekend at-home spa sessions!

  • Promotes overall wellbeing 
  • Our skin plays a major part in our body’s detoxification process and body oiling supports it. Our lymphatic system is stimulated by gently massaging the oil on our skin, and this helps your body remove toxins. This procedure promotes your general well-being while also resulting in clearer, healthier skin.

    Now that you know what body oiling can do for you, let’s look at :

    Techniques of body oiling 

    Having learnt the benefits of body oiling, it is equally important to understand the right way of body oiling to reap its maximum benefits:

  • Choose the right method
  • It's crucial to understand the method by which you are going to do the body oiling. For instance, as per the Ayurvedic massaging technique, ‘Abhyanga’, body oiling is done before bathing, whereas as per other techniques, body oiling is done after bathing. You can choose the approach that suits you best.

  • Prepare your body for the massage 
  • Based on the method of massaging that you have chosen you can either have a bath or a shower, after which you can get your skin ready for body oiling. 

  • Oil your body!
  • Start by massaging your feet after dispensing oil using a dispenser. Apply gentle, firm, circular pressure with your thumbs to the tops and soles of your feet, and massage each toe. Next, move on to your knees, thighs, calves, and ankles. Continue rubbing your lower back, abdomen, and hips while occasionally rolling over on your side. Use broad, clockwise circular strokes to massage the chest and belly. As you massage yourself do not forget to stay calm and take deep breaths.

  • Finishing Up
  • Put on some warm socks, cotton clothing, or a cosy robe to finish. For a few minutes, stay motionless and just breathe, taking pleasure in your calm body.

    Body oiling has for a long time been used to hydrate skin and promote wellness. But in today's day and age, a lot of us don't really have the time to indulge in a full body massage, so it's okay if you cannot do it too, just give it your best and focus on the parts that you feel need to be massaged! 

    Also don't forget to get your hands on the amazing range of fast-absorbing, non-sticky, and 95% natural oil-formulated body oils from Fab Oils. You don't want to miss out on the experience of pure bliss and waking up to a rejuvenated body!