January 25, 2024

How 10 Seconds Absorption Makes A Difference In Beauty Oils

We would like to welcome you to a journey where time becomes a moment, where the essence of oils drenches your skin in just ten short fleeting seconds!

You don't have to linger for our feather-light oils to sink into your skin; the gratification is swift, leaving you beautifully radiant inside and out. They’re fast-absorbing due to the miniscule size of the molecules that swiftly sink into your skin. Our vegan and cruelty-free body and face oils are meticulously crafted and clinically tested to be fragrant, highly effective, and powerful, all while being a blend of 95% natural ingredients. Now, keep on reading to explore why this fast-absorbing formula is what you need in your routine!

Benefits of Fast-Absorbing Natural Oils for Your Face, Body & Hair

This time isn’t for waiting, maybe just for ten seconds though? This time is to understand the reasons for using fast-absorbing oils as a part of your daily routine,

  • Glide-On Comfort

    Whether you opt for our Facial Radiance Oil or Scalp Revive Oil, rest assured they provide a non-greasy sensation. This ensures you can seamlessly carry on with your day without any sticky discomfort. In fact, reader! Try combining a drop of our Facial Radiance Oil with your favourite foundation, and witness the product glide on your face like butter on toast and for your face to glow from within.

  • Natural Active Ingredients

    In our lightweight oils for skin and face, you'll find efficacious actives like rice bran, pomegranate, and prickly pear flowers. The blends of these with our lightweight essential oils work effortlessly to permeate and nourish your skin and scalp deeply.

  • Mess-Free Application

    Time is of the essence, but our oils provide the essence of nourishment & hydration in record time. Our Facial Radiance Oil provides a mess-free hydrating experience due to its unique roller ball applicator As for our Cellulite Melt Oil and Body Massage Oil, they boast swift absorption and encapsulate convenience in a compact bottle!

  • So So Versatile

    Our 10-second absorption feat makes our body & face oils a great addition to any step of your beauty routine. Be it using our Facial Radiance Oil as a glowy makeup base, or using Skin Quench Oil as a moisturiser, our products are highly versatile!
    Life is ever-stopping now, but Fab Oils products give you those pockets of peace amidst the chaos. So, now your turn to feel the ten-second countdown to beautiful skin and hair.