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The TLC Quench, Nourish & Glow Full-Size Trio

Head-to-toe lightweight nourishment | Set of 3 | Oh-so-giftable & fab fragrances
Available in: 150 ml

Rs. 2,250 Rs. 4,500 (inclusive of taxes)

Address of manufacturer

Aarvee Enterprises- D 222/39 TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Shirvane Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706 Maharashtra, India Mfc Lic no- MH/104535

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24 x 6 x 33 cm

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For the Ultimate-Beauty, looking to be the Moment

Indulge in a thoroughly loving experience for your face, scalp, and body with our set of three full-sized versions of our oils. The Facial Radiance Oil (10 ml) revitalizes, erasing signs of aging, and leaving your skin radiant without stickiness. Scalp Revive Oil (40 ml) stimulates hair growth and restores luster, while the Skin Quench Oil (100 ml) offers deep moisturization in a transfer-proof, all-season-friendly formula. Unlock your radiant beauty from head to toe with these premium oils, clinically tested and crafted with 95% natural ingredients, all while indulging in their breathtaking fragrances, whether they're a gift for yourself or a cherished someone.

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Absorbs in 10 secs Oils by Fab Oils

Absorbs in 10 secs

95% natural formula Oils by Fab Oils

95% natural formula

Fabulous fragrances Oils by Fab Oils

Fabulous fragrances

Clinically tested Oils by Fab Oils

Clinically tested

Giftable Packs

Fab Inside Out

Skin Quench

To hydrate your skin from within

Scalp Revive

For oh-so-beautiful hair!

Facial Radiance

For the golden-hour glow

Oh, It's Just So Fab-oil-ous!

Self-Care: Indulge in opulent skincare and haircare with our exquisite oils.
Ideal Gifting: Enchant your loved ones with a gift of radiant allure, rejuvenation, and self-indulgence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I'm writing this review after using the trio for two weeks. It has become my go-to for a quick and efficient beauty routine. It not only leaves my hair silky and my face shining, but it also moisturizes and nourishes my skin


I ordered this skin quench, face, and scalp oil combo pack a month before. It was in sale when I purchased it. Just 1 word - Superb product.


Perfect for my busy days, it's a one-stop solution for glowing skin, hydrated scalp, and nourished skin. Small in size, big on results

Shubhi Jain
Great Product!

Its natural components and smell will make you freshen throughout the day. Go for it guys.

Really loved the combo pack!

Recently received this skin quench, face and scalp oil combo pack. I have tried scalp and face radiance oil before and they are amazing. Hope the skin quench oil is good too. 3 superb oils at this price are amazing!

Frequently asked Questions

What is included in the Go-For-Glow Hydrate & Nourish Trio?
This trio includes our Facial Radiance - Face Oil, Scalp Revive - Scalp Oil & Skin Quench - Body Oil.
Are these oils suitable for all skin and hair types?
The Facial Radiance oil is ideal for dry and combination skin, but it's also non-comedogenic, making it suitable for dull and oily skin types. If concerned, perform a patch test. Our body oils are universally compatible with all skin types. For any hair-related medical problems like dandruff/psoriasis etc, consult a specialist.
Can I use these oils in combination with other skincare or haircare products?
You can use the Facial Radiance oil with your other serums, Skin Quench as your daily body moisturizer, and while Scalp Revive can be mixed with other oils, it's most effective when used on its own for the best experience.
What are the key benefits of each oil in this set?
Facial Radiance Oil rejuvenates skin, providing deep hydration, combating aging signs, and promoting radiance. Scalp Revive Oil stimulates hair growth, increases density, and restores luster. Skin Quench Oil deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin, offering year-round comfort.